Urologists investigate and treat a number of urological conditions including (but not limited to) bladder conditions, enlarged prostate, cystitis, haematuria, kidney stones, incontinence, erectile dysfunction and raised PSA. Further information with regards to these conditions can be found here.

A number of the urological tests and treatments are performed on site and can be arranged either on the same day or within a week of your appointment.

Please find below information with regards to Consultants working at The Berkshire Clinic that provide these services.

Mr Steve Foley
Consultant Urologist

Phone: 0118 920 7045

Email: victoria.parsons@genesiscare.co.uk

Personal Website

Mr Foley’s clinics at Reading Urology offer a comprehensive diagnostic and investigative service for continence and general urology problems. He works closely with the Physiotherapy Department at The Berkshire Independent Hospital and the Berkshire Continence Service.

Over the past 5 years Mr Foley has been one of the pioneers of the surgical management of male incontinence (particularly the ‘Male Sling’ – following prostate cancer surgery). This is proving to be highly effective in selected men. He is now one of the most experienced Surgeons in the UK with this type of operation, and regularly trains other UK Surgeons how to perform it.

He has held numerous teaching sessions Nationally and Internationally on surgical techniques, attracting many overseas surgeons and is currently involved in several international research studies in the fields of incontinence and urinary tract infections. He has coordinated a number of international trials on treatments for recurrent UTI’s and is at the forefront of vaccine studies for this difficult condition.

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